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General comparison of SMLE No1 MkIII* (top) and No4 Mk1 (bottom)

No1mag(left)No4mag(right) No4 buttplate(L) No1 buttplate(R)           No1 Muzzle                No4 Muzzle

No1 bolthead          No4 Boltheads      No1 Bolthead

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NO 4 Mk I Rifle Parts

The following page is intended as a "virtual" guide to the main components of the British Lee Enfield Rifle No4 Mk1. Where available, pictures of variantions of components have been included. For comparative and identification purposes the equivalent components from the No1 MkIII page are linked off the images.


No42.gif (194793 bytes)


Click links to photographs of components:

1      Buttplate (& 2 screws)  

14    Front Band (& screw)


15    Rear Band (and screw)

3      Bolt Handle

16    Sling Swivel

4      Cocking Piece

17    Stock

5      Locking/Safety Lever

18    Bolt Head (& Extractor)

6      Sight

19    Bolt Ribway Cutout (No4Mk1* & Mk1/3 only)

7      Charger Bridge

20    Action Cover loop

8      Receiver   

21    Magazine Assembly

9      Rear Handguard

22    Bolt Release Lever (No4Mk1, Mk 1/2 , Mk2 & No5)

10    Front Handguard

23    Magazine Release Latch

11    Barrel / Bayonet lugs 

24   Trigger Assembly

12    Foresight Protector  

25    Trigger Guard

13    Foresight Blade     

26    Rear Sling Swivel (& 2 screws)


Fairly typical condition No 4 Mk1 Rifle (produced at Fazackerly in 1943) but with a variety of manufacturers components.


Right and Left side of action showing trigger guard, sight charger and safety

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Top View of action showing Flip sight, Charger Bridge, Bolt release button and bolt/cocking piece.

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Brass buttplate (Steel also used photo to follow) note difference in trap design from No1 MkIII

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Savage Bolthead (size 3) 

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Left side showing "Longbranch" design locking lever (safety). Details of rifle's manufacture ROF(F) 4/43 (not visible in photo) is engraved on the side of the action, just above safety lever.

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Regular design of locking lever - smooth (unribbed) cocking piece

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Ejector screw

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No4 MkI* (Savage) with ribway cut-out for bolt removal (left)

No4 MkI (Faz) with bolt release button (right)

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Foresight and Sight Protector

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Muzzle with Bayonet attaching lugs

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Rear Band w/ sling swivel

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Grooved rear handguard

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Stamped rear sight (left) on Savage No4 Mk1*   L-Flip Battle sight on Fazackerly No4 Mk1(right)

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Savage Production Marks and US Lend lease marks on No4 Mk1*

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Click here for images of SMLE No1 MkIII components

Click here for images of the ISHAPORE   2A1 (Rifle 7.62mm) components

Click here for images of No 5 "Jungle Carbine" components

The information on these pages is intended for guidance only. ALWAYS consult a knowledgeable gunsmith concerning firearms safety and part replacement.

Suggestions, Comments, Corrections and additional public domain images for publication on this page should be sent to Chris